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Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty) is a procedure designed to remove extra skin and fat from the abdomen in both women and men. While women make up the majority of patients seeking this procedure due to the large number of women whose abdominal skin has been stretched and made loose by pregnancy, men who have undergone large weight loss are increasingly choosing this operation as well. In appropriate candidates, the procedure results in a flatter, smoother tummy, with, tighter skin, and removal of overhanging in the lower abdomen.

A full tummytuck involves a combnation of surgical steps. For some, the procedure begins with liposuction to decrease the thickness of the skin and fat that covers the abdominal muscles. A horizontal incision is then made low on the abdomen, and the skin along with the remaining fat attached to the undersurface of the skin is elevated off the muscles from the incision up to the rib cage. This requires an incision around the belly button. if there is separation of the ‘6-pack’ muscles from previous pregnancy or hernia, these are tightened with sutures. The bed is adjusted to put the asleep patient in a position with the hips flexed. The skin that was elevated is then pulled towards the feet, and any extra skin that now sits below the horizontal incision is removed. Stitches are used to close the incison and spaces in different ways depending on what the individual patient requires.Dressings and post surgical garments are then applied. For patients who only have loose skin below the bellybutton and not above it, a mini tummytuck might be a good option. The mini tummytuck involves a similar horizontal scar to the full tummytuck, but during surgery only the excess skin below the bellybutton is removed. There bellytbutton and the skin in the upper abdomen is not changed. That is why the mini tummytuck is only a good option when there is no loose skin above the bellybutton.

It is important that patients be at a stable weight before surgery, since weight loss after surgery can results in recurrence of loose skin since the person has now become smaller inside and the skin is again to much for the smaller body inside it. It is also important to note that patients with protuberant tummies that stick out will have less improvement and should try to loose some belly fat before surgery to get the best results.


Potential risks are minimal and may include temporary swelling, bruising, or asymmetry. Serious complications are rare but may include infection, allergic reactions or vascular occlusions.

Dermal fillers may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions, autoimmune disorders, allergies to filler components, pregnant or breastfeeding women. A thorough consultation with a qualified provider is necessary to determine eligibility.

Pre-care instructions may include avoiding blood-thinning medications or alcohol. Post-care may involve gentle skincare, avoiding strenuous activities, and refraining from massaging the treated areas for a short period following treatment.No strenous activity fo 48-72h, no facials or other profesional treatments over injected areas for 2 weeks, no travel or flying within 5 days post injections


Dr. Beber is Fantastic!!! He is so knowledgable and also easy to talk with. My experience with him and the team was so pleasurable from start to finish! Dr. Beber really put me at ease and made me feel more than confident about the process and procedure.

I am very satisfied with my results, his professionalism and care is top notch. His staff are also wonderful and most helpful when I needed help or had questions. Overall, I am beyond happy and would recommend Dr. Beber to all my friends!

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